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Academic CoachinG

For students needing support, we provide 1-on-1 coaching from elementary through high school. We also offer additional teaching in all school subjects including reading, comprehension, writing for different purposes, spelling, math and science. Our approach is individualized to each student’s needs and learning styles. 

For elementary school students, we can provide:

  • phonics instruction

  • reading comprehension strategies

  • multi-sensory approaches

  • Support for narrative writing, opinion writing, and informative writing 

  • writing tools such as: graphic organizers, sentence frames and the 6 traits of writing

  • math interventions

and more

For middle and high school students, we support with:

  • Test prep

  • Creating essay outlines

  • Homework help

  • Reteaching the concepts in math and science

  • AP test practice

and more 

College and
career planning

We advise students in the transition from middle school to high school to college. We support students in building their pathway to secondary education. We help with high school coursework selection, the college application process, essays, letters of recommendations, and timelines. There are 5,300 colleges in the US and over 25,000 universities in the world. Many of them are right for you. From urban to rural, big to small, co-ed or not, we help to uncover the best colleges for you.

Special Education Advocacy

Getting an IEP or 504 plan can be confusing and stressful for families. As a special education advocate, we work collaboratively with you, your child and your child’s school team to create and support IEP/504 plans that best suit your child’s individual needs. We support parents with navigating the process and procedures involved with IEP and 504 plans. We help you communicate with teachers before, during and after IEP meetings, teacher meetings and conferences to make sure your concerns are being validated and addressed. 

Executive Functioning Coach

We support students in executive function best practices by helping them stay organized and plan for timely and successful schoolwork submissions. 

Many students need support with executive functioning.  Other executive functioning includes the following skills: 

  • Working memory

  • Organizing and planning

  • Focusing and attention

  • Communication and flexible thinking

  • Social emotional and behavioral control 


Some examples of what students who struggle with executive functioning might have trouble with are: unorganized backpacks, trouble using agenda/planners, remembering what they learned previously and connecting it to new information, managing assignment due dates, sequencing long projects, note taking in class, impulsive behavior (speaking out) or difficulty transitioning from one task to the next.  


We use the 7-Step Model created by Dr. Roberta Atha Strosnider and Valerie Sharp to assess skill strengths and areas for improvement, create goals, and implement strategies and teach self-monitoring for students to improve their executive functioning skills. 

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