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"We had the great fortune to have Kerry teach 2 of our kids. Firstly our son, in a gifted program, for science in 6th and 7th grade. Kerry was by far his favorite teacher, and I would hear only about what happened in science. Science went from being his least to most favorite subject.

Then she took on the challenge on teaching our 6th grade daughter math, language arts, science and social studies (among other subjects) during covid/remote learning, and Kerry ACED that as well. Given how tough a year is was for so many, this was truly remarkable.

Kerry is a fantastic teacher. She meets every student where they are at, understands their preferred learning style and finds/develops curriculum to meet their specific needs. She builds trust with the student and is passionate about their learning. Her “classroom” is a safe space to ask questions, make mistakes, and learn doing so. She is open to student feedback and can adapt quickly. Her lessons are fun and engaging and lots of times the student doesn’t even realize the learning happening.

Both kids loved working with Kerry and we can’t recommend her highly enough."


Alice & Bill O’Brien (parents)

"Kerry is an amazing educator who combines the ability to effectively impart knowledge, with the insight to see how students best learn and thrive. She is a gifted teacher who can operate remotely, or in person, to deliver a fantastic personalized learning experience that helps the student achieve their potential. During the Covid pandemic she created tailored academic programs to help our 6th grade daughter to not only learn and stay on track, but to thrive while learning remotely.  She genuinely made learning fun. She helped our daughter to develop an interest in a range of subjects and to gain confidence in her abilities.  We have no hesitation in recommending Kerry for any teaching assignment."

Tom & Sorcha Murphy (parents)

"Kerry is an amazing teacher. During the pandemic when schools were not open, and classes were online, I decided to work with Ms. Mac for the school year. It was a big decision because I knew that if I worked with Kerry instead of online classes at my middle school, I would not be able to work with my all of my school friends. But, the decision was worth it. Kerry is such a good teacher and she easily adjusts to your learning pace. She is very patient, understanding, and kind. She made me realize how fun school can be. Before I worked with Ms. Mac I absolutely despised science and math, and at the end of the school year, they were my favorite subjects! The school year was honestly so enjoyable -  I learned a lot and I had so much fun. I truly recommend her as a teacher."

Anna Murphy (former student)

"It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Tessa Beckett. Tessa was the Direct Instruction teacher for my daughter during middle school. Tessa worked with a highly impacted group of students at Evergreen Middle School. Through her dedication and effort, she helped them make tremendous strides in academics, social skills and behavioral skills. When a student was performing below standards, Tessa would create interventions to remedy the situation by providing accommodations, setting appropriate boundaries and working with the general education teachers. She had high expectations of her students and gave them the tools to succeed. In addition, Tessa was very willing to talk to parents to discuss a variety of issues. The students and parents loved Tessa’s kindness, fun loving, and caring personality." 


Carrie S. (parent)

"I worked alongside Tess at Linden Bridge for a number of years both in my role as teacher and behaviour lead. Tess was a great teacher and was able to support students with a range of needs from ASD, social communication and PDA. She was able to create a fun and engaging curriculum ensuring differentiation across the class. Tess ensured students were assessed termly academically and ensured students met EHCP targets and all relevant paperwork was completed. Tess had a great nature with the students and built some great bonds with staff, students and parents."

Gareth Phillips (Assistant Principal)

Tessa Beckett was our son’s Special Education teacher during a very difficult transitional time for him at Middle School. Undoubtedly, it was Tessa’s patience and determination in addition to her ability to swiftly identify and address his needs and challenges, that fostered the environment our son needed in order to make progress towards meeting his academic, behavioral and social skills goals.
We also greatly appreciated that Tessa never hesitated to effectively communicate and collaborate with parents, staff and school administrators  to ensure that her students needs were met. It was very evident to us that she was extraordinarily caring and always had her students’ best interest at heart!
Parent, 6th grade student

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