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Kerry T. McNaughton, M.A.
Education Partner

​Founder of SHINE Pathways

Supporting Humans In Navigating Education

  • Academic Coaching

  • College And career planning

  • School outside the classroom


  • Stanford University, Master of Arts in Education. Credentialed in Science and Math 2010

  • University of California at Berkeley, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Integrative Biology 2007

  • University of California at Berkeley, Certificate Program in College Admissions and Career Planning - Anticipated completion June 2023

For more info, visit Kerry's LinkedIn Page:

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Education Partner

SHINE Pathways

Supporting Humans In Navigating Education

  • Academic coachING

  • EXecutive Functioning coaching

  • Special education ADVOCATE


  • Arizona State University, Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis 2019

  • Seattle Pacific University, Master's in Special Education and Teaching 2015

  • University of Washington, Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education and Teaching 2010

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"Ms. McNaughton is a fantastic teacher that not only taught me science, but also how to ask questions and explore the world... Ms. McNaughton taught us how to think critically, and allowed us to apply those skills to make an impact... I cannot fully describe in words the great teacher that Ms. McNaughton is, and I believe that everyone can benefit in so many ways from her teaching."

Former Student

Former Student

"While transitioning to middle school was challenging for me, Ms. McNaughton brought so much excitement and joy to my first year in middle school. From her dedication to create the best learning experiences to the extra time she takes to connect with every student, Ms. McNaughton goes above and beyond to see others succeed. In addition to teaching, Ms. McNaughton is the most compassionate, motivated, and inspiring person I have ever met."

"Ms. McNaughton is one of the most formative teachers I've ever met, and she is so caring and thoughtful. Her never-ending confidence inspired me... and she's just been such a positive influence in my life. "

Former Student

“Kerry is a dedicated educator who bridges her science knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm to students who positively respond to her inquiry based experiences. She is a positive staff member who goes above and beyond all teaching responsibilities to engage students in the process of learning about themselves and their world connections. Kerry is a true treasure to any school lucky enough to hire her.”

Former Principal

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